Monday, 16 July 2012

My wedding invitations: DIY tutorial

Well, this summer I will become Mrs Green :), cause I'm getting married.
Like any other girl, I want everything to be perfect and to have a dream wedding.
Little by little I'll share with you the little things which I hope will make this wedding perfect.

Both dresses are in progress :) - but until you'll see the dresses, I'll show you a project 
which is already finished: the wedding invitations.

I wanted to buy them in the first place, but I didn't like anything I saw.
So, I started to look on Google images to get inspired.
I found this picture:

And I knew I could do that and of course I added my personal touch :)

What you need:

Regular paper and some "lace paper" :) - I don't know how it is called 
but it is used for cakes - to put the cake on it :)
In my case there's no cake involved in this equation :)

Some crazy stamps :) and colourful ink

Colorful ribbon and a printer of course :) - you don't need a picture for that :)

What are the stamps for? you ask :)
To give the invitations your personal touch :)

You fold the paper and make a bow out of the ribbon and that's it :)
Aren't they lovely? :)

Other stamps I had:

Special thanks to lovely Beatrice for helping me. I bought the lace paper from her 
and she was very kind to lend me the lovely stamps from her personal collection
You can visit her here or here or here :)

Long live the green!


  1. OMG!!!! You are getting married!! I wish you and Sorin a good, long, happy life...

  2. Congrats!!!Your invitations are lovely!They are called paper doilies :)I'm your newest follower!I am from RO but I live in UK and I blog over at Come and say hi!:)

    1. :) thank you! your blog is lovely! you have an adorable family :)

  3. Felicitari! sa fiti fericiti! let me guess rochia de mireasa va avea ceva verde sau va fi toata verde :)

    1. cea de civila e verde toata :). Cea de mireasa nu are nimic verde inca :) te pup

  4. Congrats and the cards are lovely :) Thanks for sharing and can't wait to see your wedding dresses.


    1. :) thank you! I cannot wait to see them myself :)

  5. Before wedding the one of the main thing is sending the invitation to the relatives. So designing the Budget wedding invitations is much necessary. As the design of this wedding invitation is very nice.

  6. Felicitari pentru invitatii, sunt superbe si o adevarata inspiratie :) Astazi o sa dau o raita prin magazine sa caut hartie dantelata.

    Marturiile tot tu le'ai facut? Si daca da, poti spune cum sunt ?

    1. :) multumesc!
      Da, tot eu le-am facut :) - au fost niste papioane facute din material de sac :) - o sa fac un post special cu ele ca sa le vezi :)

      te pup

    2. Abia astept sa le vad :D felicitari pentru talent

  7. Wow to its simple yet very creative style! I also love the vintage appeal of the upshot. :] Indeed, engrossing a personal touch to an invitation card will make it look more memorable and beautiful. I just love it! =]

  8. Buna! sunt superbe invitatiile facute de tine :) Felicitari! Ma gandesc sa fac si eu invitatii pt nunta unor prieteni si eram curioasa de unde ai luat stampila cu mireasa si mire. Nu reusesc sa gasesc nicaieri. Merci mult! Ioana.

    1. multumesc! mi-a imprumutat-o cineva - nu am gasit sa cumpar si nici nu am vazut pe nicaieri din pacate :(