Monday, 27 February 2012

Androgynous look

Besides the classy lady look which I adore, sometimes I also enjoy the androgynous look, because it kinda has its own mystery. 
One girl who really can pull off this look is lovely Agyness Deyn who has a style of her own and I often like to study her looks.
Here are some pictures:

Then there is lovely Twiggy (who doesn't need any introductions I'm sure:) with her lovely childish androgynous look which was the style icon of the 60s.

Hope you liked the lovely pictures. Follow the links in the post for more :)


  1. Love it ♥
    Great looks =)

    Vanessa Ribeiro

  2. If you're really not familiar about them you can be really confused if its a woman or a man. They really are beautiful if they are dressed like girls but they also look handsome if dressed as a man.