Saturday, 25 February 2012

70sh vibe

Today I added a new bag to my collection and as soon as I came out
of the store its 70sh vibe spoke to me:)
So I looked through my clothes to find something 70sh and
I managed to find one or two pieces to go with.
Here are some pictures of the lovely bag:

the lovely bag and the lovely shoes are so good together :)

The jacket and the vintage skirt are a good match also

How about the striped shirt and a pair of wide leg pants?

The latter outfit would also go very well with another gorgeous bag of mine
which has a 70sh vibe as well:


  1. unde ai cumparat geanta? E superba!

  2. :) multumesc!
    nu stiu dc mai gasesti - e de la pull and bear - luat-o la reduceri :D