Thursday 6 September 2012

City of queues - part two

 Our third day in Paris was the day in which we walked and walked until 
our shoes became all dusty - you can actually see the dust in the pictures :)
We walked all the way on Champs Elysees to Louvre and then we went to lovers bridge
and in the evening we had to try some fondue :) and walked 
all the way to Sacre Coeur de Montmartre - very nice neighborhood.
Although the flats may seem comfy, they aren't - my feet are still in pain :)
But we had a great time :)

Enjoy the photos:

Lovers' bridge

Cutest picture ever - wanted to go back to buy it and then I forgot :(

Champs Elysees

The goats from Louvre :))

Fondue :)

Sacre Coeur at night


I was wearing:

Pants & sweater: Pull & Bear
Shirt: Reserved
Shoes: Poema
Bag: H&M

Long live the green!

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