Sunday, 19 February 2012

Trench alert

Now I am more than certain that spring is close, so the one thing that cannot miss from a girl wardrobe is/are her trench (es).
So far I managed to have 3 in my wardrobe and I am very proud of them because each one of them is very special (as colour, no of combinations in which I can wear it and so on).
This is my classic one - given the colour and everything:

Then there is the modern black one which is very elegant and sexy :)

And last but not least the crazy coloured one :)

I also found this gorgeous green trench while browsing the net.
I just love it and hope to find one to buy in the near future :)

And if you want to know a little more about the subject I think you will find interesting the article below.
See what Burberry has to say about the lovely item:


  1. Imi plac foarte mult tinutele prezentate de tine si as vrea sa stiu dc exista vreun showroom sau magazin de unde se pot cumpara ..........observ ca pozele sunt facute intr-o locatie foarte sic :))
    Felicitari in special pt postul cu trenciurile e super

  2. Buna,

    ma bucur tare mult ca iti plac tinutele de pe blog :)
    Din pacate nu sunt de vanzare hainele. Sunt ale mele iar locatia sic :) este apartamentul meu.
    Ideea blogului a fost urmatoarea: dupa ce mi-am amenajat casa (primele post-uri de pe blog sunt doar pe home decor - poti vedea exact cum mi-am amenajat eu casa) am inceput sa imi combin hainele si sa fac tinute pe care le schimb mereu pe manechinul pe care il am in sufragerie :)