Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Colour block in fall colours

Hello, everybody!

How do you prepare yourself for fall? no gloomy colours I hope :)
Today I have a perfect look for fall and it is full of lively colours.
You know I am a big fan of colour block, so why not do it whenever possible?
The green coat is one of my dearest items in my closet and it is perfect for
this period. Blue and green together are always a perfect combo in my opinion,
so that's why I chose the blue sweater.
The pants are a match for blue and green as well.
And there you go - colour block rules this fall!


I'm wearing:

Pants: local boutique / Sweater: Miniprix / Shirt: Koton / Coat: United Colours of Benetton / Shoes: Musette

Long live the green!


  1. I love these bold and gorgeous colors, especially how the coat and background match.

    I'll admit, I can get a lot of brown on me when it is autumn, but it is a happy color to me, warm.

  2. Love this! The colors are beautiful! Alex

  3. Love this look!
    Those pants are amazing!

  4. your style is fantastic! I love it!!!:)