Monday, 14 May 2012

The lady and the ladybug

I must say that orange is beginning to grow on me :)
Lately all my posts have some orange here and there.
So does this one, but there's something else in this post I really really like :)
A bug :), a ladybug if you ask me because it's very cute.
You'll see :)
Just pay attention to the photos and you won't miss it!

And now, beware of the bug :))

Isn't it just lovely? it was right there on the street 
and I couldn't help myself and I had to take some pictures next to it :)

I was admiring it and I didn't want to go :)
I have to own one someday!
Care to guess what colour mine will be? :)

And a pretty picture from dear old Bucharest!

Long live the green!


  1. do choose a green ladybug, not a boring-black one :)

  2. frumos combinat rosu cu verde ! despre masinuta , este preferata mea :)

    1. :) he he - modelul asta de broscuta e adorabil

  3. This is just perfect!! Looking good!