Monday, 19 March 2012

It's all about the 50s vibe

My Sunday outfit was all about the 50s vibe.
50s has got to be the period I wish I was born in. Everything was just beautiful, starting with the full and wide skirts, the fabulous bouffant dresses, the fabrics, the hairstyle, etc...
So I tried to put some 50s vibe into my lazy Sunday afternoon's outfit 
(and of course a bit of my personal touch as usual :)
Enjoy the photos:

The bag and shoes:

Just the shoes:

And it's time to get coat off :)

I only wish that my skirt had stayed puffed up all time.
But it only stayed like that when the wind was blowing :)

Close up with the lovely shirt

And the red lipstick was a must of course:)

Long live the green!


  1. I love everything about this 50s inspired outfit: the blouse, the little green cardigan, the shoes and floral bag and your red lips. You look beautiful!:)

  2. thank you :)
    If I remember correctly you also have some 50s inspired outfits on your lovely blog:)

  3. Hello Romanian fellow blogger :). It's nice to see you and I'm happy I found your blog.
    Love the whole outfit, I'm really into you jacket, such a chic look.
    Eu sunt Tereza si te astept sa ma vizitezi daca ai chef :).

  4. :) hello Tereza!
    am vizitat :) foarte inspirational blog-ul tau! I'll be visiting more often:)

  5. That bag is insane! I really love it and the whole outfit is very inspiring! :D

  6. :) thank you! I'm crazy about the bag too :)

  7. Fustele ca fustele, dar cel mai greu de gasit sunt jupoanele ce se purtau pe sub fuste si care le faceau sa para puffy.Pe etsy sunt cativa vendori care creeaza de la zero aceste petticoates din tul batos involanat, nu stiu la noi pe breslo sau pe la targuri daca au aparut.Ar face intr-adevar toate acele full skirts sa para spectaculoase.
    <3 your blog, am parcurs mare parte din el cu drag.

    1. :) ma bucur ca iti place blogul.
      Am vazut sa stii pe la targuri cateva incercari de fuste cu tul pe sub dar parca le lipsea ceva :)
      Foarte faine si cele 3 bloguri ale tale:)