Saturday 14 December 2013

The roaring 20s

Hello, everybody!

Well, it's that time of year when everybody is going to parties and most of the time
there is a theme involved. The roaring 20s is one of my favourite themes and
I have my own version of a costume right here - a modern version of a flapper girl of course :)
I posted a lot of photos, because I couldn't decide which ones I liked the most.
The outfit stays the same, the head pieces are different and there were
some minor alterations in Photoshop in order to get that 20s vibe :)
And if you think that my blouse looks familiar - well, it's my wedding blouse :)

Enjoy my roaring 20s!

And now let's see how the outfit would look with other head pieces :)

I'm wearing:

Skirt: Depot96 / Top: Zara / Shoes: Bata & Musette / Head Pieces: Moa / H&M / Meli Melo / Hippie Hippie shake
Purse: vintage / Gloves: Meli Melo

Long live the green!


  1. I like how you managed to take everyday wardrobe pieces and make them 20s. My favorite is the first headpiece with feathers. Very 20s.

    1. it was quite a challenge :) but I managed to pull it off :)

  2. I do not know if you wanted your bra to be center stage, with the womens rights movement in full swing in the 20's maybe so. A Camisole would help some of us more conservative people cope but all in all very very lovely. You have honed a magnificent art of pulling pieces together in a very creative and pleasing way!!!

    1. the camisole is hanging behind me :) - you can see it in the last pics. But I didn't want to wear it :)
      Next time maybe...