Monday, 8 July 2013

Sailor girl

Hello, everybody!

So, obsessed much? :) with what? she asked :P
The navy outfits of course. Well, I cannot help it - these are the perfect colours for summer.
I didn't forget about green of course, but I just adore these shades of blue combined
with red and white.
And I didn't forget the stripes of course - the must have of this summer (not that I care :P),
but they really are pretty.
Go for the stripes, go for the navy, go nuts :)


I'm wearing:

Skirt: atmosphere / Bag: Adidas / Sneakers: Converse / Jacket: Stradivarius / T-shirt: H&M

Long live the green!


  1. Pretty, pretty, pretty! Cool sunglasses! :D

  2. molto carina..mi sono unita al tuo blog ti seguo volentieri

  3. You are striking here. I love how the red and blue accent the outfit. Love you in the chucks. <3