Saturday 4 August 2012

My wedding dress - story and preview

My wedding dress is almost ready and I'm very happy :)
I took some pictures while I was trying it on, 
but it's not ready - the length of it is not yet adjusted.
I altered a bit the pictures because I didn't like the background :)
What I can tell you is that the colour is not pure white - it's a buttery white :)

Just like my civil ceremony dress, the wedding dress is my idea
 and I'll tell you what got me inspired.
First of all I wanted to buy a dress, but after going from store to store I knew 
that I will never find something I liked.
So I started my research.

I found this picture while browsing - I know the picture is taken at a wedding fair.
I liked it, but the skirt was a little too puffy, it showed too much skin
and it was kinda modern for me :)

So, I tried to find a solution that worked for me.
And I did.
I found this blouse at Zara and I just loved the lace details of it -
so the inspiration came along :)
I asked the seamstress to make the blouse tighter and to make me 
a skirt similar to the one in the first picture, but not that puffy.
And she did :)

This is my own result :)
As a personal touch I'll have a cameo pin at my neck :)
How do you like it? :)

There you have it: my lovely wedding dress :)

Follow me if you want to see the whole thing: hair, makeup, etc. :)

Long live the green!


  1. Lovely!Just perfect for you!I love it!!

  2. Din punctul meu de vedere este un succes. Are un aer retro care sunt sigură că ţi se potriveşte ca o mănuşă.

  3. e foarte frumoasa rochia si ti se potriveste perfect. bravo tie ca ti-ai folosit imaginatia si nu ai copiat pur si simplu ceva gasit pe net

  4. thank you! you have a very colourful blog :)

  5. cat de frumos a putut sa iasa, un mix de vremuri!

  6. wow! this. is. amazing!!!!