Sunday, 24 November 2013

Mrs Bond

The name is BOND, Mrs BOND :)
Not quite :) - the name is Miss Green and right now it looks more like Miss Black.
Just this time I decided to let go of the colours and go for the
dear old and classic black.
The outfit looks good and this is actually my second black trench and I love
how it shapes my body. Funny story about it - I found it in a thrift shop for 6 Euros :)
Crazy right? I am lucky :)
Enjoy my "bad ass" attitude :P

I'm wearing:

Pants: H&M / Trench: thrifted / Bag: Tonka Jeans / Shoes: random store / Sweater: Koton

Long live the green!


  1. Hi doll, I absolutely adore this look. You sure could pass for a Mrs. Bond :-)