Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Greetings and salutations 2013

Happy New Year, everybody!
And welcome (back :) for some) to my blog!
I hope you all had a good time and wish you all a wonderful, colourful 2013!
I had a perfect time and, when I had the chance, I took some photos to remember :)
2013 will be a colorful year for me :) - not just because the colour of the year is emerald green :),
but because, as you already know, I like playing with colours, especially in my outfits.

Till my next colourful post, enjoy the photos I took on my holidays:

The car of my dreams was passing by, so we shot it :)
I must have one some day (2013 resolution :), painted in another shade of green of course - 
celtic green maybe :)

And of course where ever I go, if there is a dog around I have to play with it :)
This little fellow was so cute :)

Long live the green!